New Per-User Pricing Plan

Testpad just grew some new pricing plans: a Free Starter Plan (announced in a separate post here) and a Custom Team plan that uses a per-user model as an alternative to the existing "Script Bundle" plans.

Custom Plan, to fit your team size

The new Custom Team plan is simply $9 per user per month with no limit on the number of scripts in the account.

When selecting this plan you can configure exactly how many users you would like your account to support. This number can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. As with other upgrades or downgrades, changes to the account limits take effect immediately, and changes to the amount billed happen on the next billing cycle.

Choice of model: per-user or script-bundles

The new Custom Team plan is being offered in addition to the existing "script bundle" plans (Small, Growing and Large Team). This means you have the choice of having unlimited scripts for a set number of users, or having unlimited users but with a set maximum number of scripts.

Which plan to go for depends on your team size and your Testpad usage. If you've got a big team concentrated on one or two products, you might find the script bundles make more sense. If you've got a smaller team and don't want to be constrained on your usage, the Custom Team will make more sense.

And remember you can upgrade/downgrade at any time, and between all the plan types, so there's no risk in selecting a plan, just try it and if it doesn't seem appropriate after some initial usage, simply go and change it!

One caveat: the Custom Team plan is only available monthly at present, so if you go for an annual script-bundle plan, you can't take advantage of the per-user model (yet).

Any questions or feedback on the new plans, please email me at

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