New Free Starter Plan for Testpad

Testpad just grew some new pricing plans: a Free Starter Plan and a Custom Plan that's based on the number of users (announced in a separate post here).

As ever with Testpad, these plans were added in response to user feedback, in particular, feedback from smaller startups and individuals who felt the old pricing model didn't fit with their usage model.

FREE Starter Plan

The new Starter Plan is a free plan with full Testpad functionality, but limited to 1 user and 5 active scripts. All new signups start with this plan, which can be upgraded to a paid plan as and when needed (i.e. to enable more users or more scripts).

The free plan is designed for individuals, startups and small teams with only one tester as a cheap (very cheap!) way to get going with Testpad.

The free plan is also intended as the first step for bigger teams to evaluate the what/why/how of Testpad. As and when these teams want to take their evaluation to the next step, a paid plan is needed to enable more users or more scripts - remembering that monthly paid plans can be upgraded, downgraded or canceled at any time, and now start from as little as $9 per month.

Note: For folks on existing Free Trial accounts, these will continue to operate as before, i.e. unlimited usage but that expire when time's up. If your account usage (users and scripts) fit, the subscriptions tab will offer the chance to switch to the new Free Starter Plan.

Any questions or feedback on the new plans, please email me at

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